Daily Titan 50th reunion photos

(taken May 1, 2010)

If you have photos of this reunion, please send them to Wayne Overbeck  for posting here.  We need more!

About two thirds of the 200 people who attended the 50th reunion gathered in the atrium for this photo, taken by Carrie Tai. 

Dr. Rick Pullen, dean of the College of Communications and former Daily Titan adviser, announces his retirement after 37 years of service to Cal State Fullerton.
Jim Drummond, Titan Times editor in 1965, recalls one of the big stories of the early 1960s:  the elephant races.

From left (seated):  Lynn Hill O'Dell, Wayne Overbeck, Greg Schneider, Michael Salas, (standing)  John O'Dell, Ed Henderson and Richard Vallens.

Pat O'Donnell (left) steps out of his role as official photographer to pose with Michael Salas, Richard Vallens and Wayne Overbeck.
Antonio Prado (left), Daily Titan editor in 1992, visits with Wayne Overbeck.  Tony now commutes to CSUF from San Luis Obispo County at least once a week as he completes a master's degree in communications.
As a DT photographer of the 1970 era, Greg Schneider won many awards with his Nikon camera and fish-eye lens.  So Rick Vallens took a Schneider-style photo of Greg Schneider.

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