Some Daily Titan reunion photos...

These photos were taken Nov. 5, 2000.

John and Lynn (Hill) O'Dell hosted a pre-reunion gathering at their home in the Orange hills.

Visiting from Colorado Springs:  Dan and Sylvia (Onalfo) Wybrant

John Norton (from Pueblo, Colo.) with Sylvia (Onalfo) Wybrant

From left:  Michael Salas, Candace Ford and Richard Vallens

Candace Ford looks over her New Educational Horizons magazine 30 years later.  She and the late Pierre Guyette produced this magazine for NEH, CSF's first minority outreach program, using the Communications Department's brand-new typesetting facility in 1970.
John O'Dell with "Spotz"

Michael Salas proudly shows off a photo of his six-year-old daughter.

Donald Stanwood
Charles Gibbs

Jim and Pat (Hague) Broeske
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