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Welcome to this communications law website.  If you were enrolled in one of my law classes, you had a lot of company:  I taught the basic principles of communications law to about 14,000 students on five campuses over a 37-year period.  This site is intended to provide classroom support as well as updated information about the law for students, journalism educators and media professionals.  It also has a large section depicting early student publications at California State University, Fullerton.

Main features of the website

   Law updates - This site includes a summary of major changes in media law since the latest edition of Major Principles of Media Law went to press. There is also a page listing sources of information about communications law on the Internet.  For links to other sites in journalism education, check out the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC) website--it's excellent.  I have given annual law updates at JACC's Morro Bay conferences since the 1970s.  The Morro Bay law updates from 1986 to 2008 are online here. 

   Course materials - Com. 407 materials available here include the Com. 407 study guide and a set of overhead transparencies summarizing the content of the law class.  Also, the summaries of new legal developments and sources of information (listed above) are used in Com. 407.  Concerned about grades?  The only student who ever got a perfect score on all three exams explains how she aced Com. 407.  In addition, this site includes materials for the media history class:  the Com. 425 study guide and Com. 425 overhead transparencies.

   Other things - To commemorate a Daily Titan reunion in November, 2000, several photo pages introduce the Titan's history, early staffs (then and now) and the turbulent times in which they worked. Photos of the 45th reunion were added Nov. 7, 2005 and photos of the 50th were added May 16, 2010.  Also, there is a short biographical sketch and a personal photo album showing my 8-acre amateur radio "antenna farm" in the Tehachapi Mountains and the view from my house in Shell Beach, among other things.The photo album is linked to several additional photo pages and other materials. 

Wayne Overbeck, Ph.D., J.D. 
Professor of Communications, emeritus 
California State University, Fullerton

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